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Self-Hosting Your Own Cloud

Your Digital Footprint in the Cloud

In today’s online and always connected world, we leave a digital footprint everywhere we go. The more technology and technology services you use, the bigger and deeper that footprint gets. This presents a concern for the privacy-minded individual. How does one get to use all the cool technology and services out there without putting your entire digital life on display? While online privacy is a huge topic to tackle, there is an easy way to shrink your digital footprint: Self-Hosting Your Own Cloud.

There is a saying in the IT world that holds true:

The “cloud” is just someone else’s computer.

Once you understand the concept of the cloud, you can start to see how much data you are putting out there on someone else’s computer. Do you use Google Photos? Cloud connected cameras? Online password managers? The Synology Diskstation has the functionality to replace all of those services, and put all of that data under your own control, in your own home (or business if you wish).

The “cloud” is just someone else’s computer (or server).

When you store information in the cloud, you are just putting it in another physical location that you access through the internet and you just have to trust that those companies are not sifting through every bit of information that you upload. We already know that Google reads your emails (actually they “conduct automatic processing of emails” which enables some cool features like reminding you of upcoming appointments and flights based on email confirmations you’ve received but, I digress) so what’s keeping them from processing your pictures to improve their facial recognition systems?

Posts about Synology

I really enjoy using my Synology NAS to preserve a bit of my privacy but the posts in this topic aren’t meant to be solely about big data and privacy. I’ll be writing about self-hosting your own cloud using a Synology NAS and the cool packages that come along with it. You can look forward to reading about setting up a replacement system for Google Photos, setting up security cameras that are accessible from the internet, setting up a password management website and methods for backing up your data locally or in the cloud (yes it’s ironic but there are tricks to make it worthwhile). All of these things can be done securely and privately with your own personal cloud device.

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